James Te Huna Sets New UFC Record En Route To Unanimous Decision Over Beltran

Written by Tyler Lawrence on . Posted in Blog

James Te Huna set a new UFC record tonight as he unloaded 71 significant strikes in the first round of his light heavyweight bout against a game Joey Beltran. No light heavyweight has landed that many significant strikes in a single round in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship's 205 pound weight class until today.

I hit him with some very hard shots but they bounced off his head man I thought I was going to knock him out but didn't happen. He as tough as nails. Big ups to him. He put up a war. I hurt my hand and my foot in the very first round so I was a little flat footed but ya know it was an entertaining fight and I hope you guys loved it.

The fight summary statistics showed that James Te Huna landed 126 significant strikes (59%) with 114 of those being head strikes. He threw a total of 144 punches with just over sixty percent of those landing. James was also successful on three takedowns landing forty-three percent of his attempts.

Beltran, who dropped down a weight class for this bout, endured an early onslaught by the Australian in the first round that nearly saw the fight ending. Te Huna didn't press the fight as much as the first stanza and late in the second round ate a left jab that dropped him to a knee. That would be the only point of the fight that Beltran had a chance of finishing it. In the third round, you could tell both men were tired. Each continued to throw jabs and go for takedowns however everything seemed to be a bit slower than normal. Te Huna continued to take control of the center of the cage and eventually it led to a unanimous decision victory over the former UFC heavyweight.